Date: 08-07-2013

They start by placing a queen bee around my neck, on my shoulder, and one on my back. Then they all follow. I had the idea while putting honey in my coffee and watching the war on the news--a colony of honey bees has often been employed as a model of human society.

At the beginning of the sequence, you open the door. I realize quickly if I don't harm them, they won't harm me. At one point a queen falls down my chest and I feel the others follow like a dam that has broken.

In the dream, honey started dripping a long straight line from my legs. You were once wild here. Don't let them tame you, said Isadora Duncan.

The men from the stage company are in the back taking cell phone photos. Everyone says nothing after it is done. At the end, you close the door (which also symbolizes isolation).

The next day I have scratch marks where the three queens were. Those bees closest to her didn't want to lose their place.